Marie Griffiths 

Speaker & Master Coach

Marie Griffiths 

Speaker & Master Coach

Marie Griffiths is an experienced speaker, in front of professional business audiences. 

Are you looking for a passionate speaker for your event, team, business audience or group? A speaker who is authentic because she has spent 30 years in the corporate world herself, working at the sharp end of Operational Leadership in male dominated industries. Perhaps you’re looking for a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) speaker able to offer practical tips, skills and methods delegates can use immediately?  If you want a speaker able to deliver a session aimed at empowering women, wellbeing and delivering behavioural change, Marie has the toolkit to do this. 

“Many thanks Marie for delivering a thought-provoking session, it did get me thinking and I could see how it could help my team”.

Professionally, Marie has a wealth of corporate life experience, having spent 30 years in Operational Management and Leadership roles across Logistics and Security sectors before she started her own business focused on mindset, behavioural change and wellbeing. She has a passion for helping professional women overcome the things that hold them back, so that they can thrive in career and life.

Marie really understands the pressures and challenges that Professionals and Leaders face in their roles – she’s relatable, grounded and focuses on practical application. She is passionate about helping others with ‘soft skills’ like confidence, resilience, communication and promoting wellbeing in the workplace. 

Marie is her walking advert, she has personally demonstrated how to adapt to change and adversity throughout her career and more recently shown that it is possible to turn your life and career around in less than 12 months, if you have the right mindset, so she has walked the talk. Marie is very much an open book. She freely shares her own personal journey with Mental Health to inspire others and encourage open dialogue (having suffered with Anxiety and Depression herself)

Marie’s aim is not only to inspire, but to have fun and empower others – her desired outcome is always to ensure when she walks off stage, she knows that her audience has had value, got new ideas, elevated thinking and elevated results. 

Previous Speaking Engagements…

During recent speaking engagements, Marie has talked on the below:

The Motivational Compass –

How Values can lead to better results and beyond

The Confidence Masterclass: 

Building Self Confidence

‘Stress Busters!” –

Practical tips and techniques for better managing stress and pressure at work

Elevate your thinking;  elevate your results

Changing mindsets that deliver results

Goal setting and goal getting made easy with NLP

Enhanced Communication skills –

how enhanced communication skills can get you even better results

Resilience & Recovery –

the power of improving your sleep


The thief of time and how to move on

Improving emotional intelligence with NLP

What do audiences and organisers say…

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Marie is currently taking bookings for speaking opportunities over the next 12 months and if you’d like to talk to Marie about speaking at your event get in touch via [email protected]

Marie is dual based in Worcestershire and Cardiff, South Wales, but is prepared to travel