The Power of Embracing Uncertainty: Overcoming Fear could be the making of you

Have you ever stopped yourself from doing something in your life because you were scared? Perhaps as miserable as your life might be, it is at least certain! Have you fallen in the trap of just repeating the same year over and over, like you were on a hamster wheel?

The challenge for most of us, as humans is that one of the five human needs, that we are looking to fulfil on a day-to-day basis, is that of certainty. Life may be certainly s**t!, but at least it is certain! The challenge then, unless you are willing to step outside of the certainty is that you stand the chance of living the same year over and over again, and dare, I say it remaining miserable. A lot of people ask me, what is it that I do that is different to most other people? Many people say that they find me inspirational, and I’ve pondered over what it is that makes me different? 

The Courage to Embrace Change

You’ll be familiar with the phrase to feel the fear and do it anyway, but do you truly understand what this phrase really means? To feel the fear and do it anyway means the need to embrace uncertainty, to face it face on and decide to still take that course of action when that course of action is right for you. This embracing uncertainty truly unleashes the power within you, because suddenly if you have the courage to take those first few steps in a new and different direction, perhaps even unchartered waters, it may be possible for you to start to create the life that you want. As the saying goes “if you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got!” It’s only you who can make the decision to change, no one else can make you take those first steps. 

Ditch the Comfort Zone for a life you love

I can tell you from personal experience that it is actually terrifying to embrace uncertainty at times, but if you have a coach to walk alongside you to hold your hand and show you some of the mindset hacks to help you along the way, truly amazing things can happen (check out my Coaching Packages HERE – link to main sales page). I recall a few years back, seemingly having everything I could possible need – security, a well-paid successful career, yet I didn’t feel fulfilled and could not imagine the next 20 years ahead in this ‘safe zone’, so I made the decision to walk away and pursue a career which aligned with my values, which lead me to the next part of my life journey, a career with John Lewis Partnership. The result was a reignited passion for what I did and a career identity I was proud of. 

Sometimes uncertainty is forced upon us and that can lead to us spinning out of control. When faced with redundancy, I was left with an uncertain career and financial path. It could have felt like I was under a big black cloud. But instead, I embraced the uncertainty and saw it as the universe giving me the opportunity to choose a different path, a path I had once dreamt of some 25 years ago, supporting a Disaster Response charity in a Logistics Leadership role. 

The conclusion from this is that every time I have positively embraced uncertainty, aligned the change with my values, I have moved forward to a more fulfilled life! 

Are you ready to break free from the Hamster Wheel?

If you’re ready to remove the fear that’s keeping you stuck in the continuous cycle then get in touch! As a Mindset Coach for Professional Women I love seeing my clients break free from what’s holding them back and take steps to start realising their professional potential.

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